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The Basics

IRC moniker

(IRC nick goes here)

Channels you hang out in

#freeform, #foo, #bar, and #baz


(Your timezone relative to UTC, though feel free to add other representations of it additionally, e.g. EST-relative or by giving is name.)

Describe yourself briefly

(A paragraph or so will do)

Would you like GMs to advertise their roleplays to you?


The Essay Questions

(Feel free to add or remove as you see fit)

What are your five favourite sessions you've roleplayed to date, and why?

1. ...

2. ...

3. ...

4. ...

5. ...

Which of your characters (or characters of a friend) would you like to be, if you could and had to, and it came with all associated social ramifications and thrust you into the setting they're in?


Which character of yours (or of a friend) do you most identify with and why?


I find fan-fiction of yours on the internet. It's on a roleplay setting. What's it about? (Has anyone left comments on the fan-fiction, and if so, what are the comments?)


Other people's thoughts

This player described as a sum of parts of their characters' personalities by…

1. …

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