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The Basics

IRC moniker


Channels you hang out in

#Outpost-OOC, #Worldbuilding, #Freeform, #One-Shot-Hub, and #RPG-Hub


I don't know! ;-;

Describe yourself briefly

I exist, I run games. Occasionally I play games. I also happen to be a game designer. GAMES!

Would you like GMs to advertise their roleplays to you?

Only if I can advertise back!

The Essay Questions

What are your five favourite sessions you've roleplayed to date, and why?

Once I ate Chicken! ingame I mean! I swear it was cooked at the time! We talked around the dinner table. ingame I mean.

I find fan-fiction of yours on the internet. It's on a roleplay setting. What's it about? (Has anyone left comments on the fan-fiction, and if so, what are the comments?)

I reserve the right to remain silent.

Are you like this in character, too?

Depends on if I'm DMing or not.

Could you be more specific?

I reserve the right to remain silent!

Other people's thoughts

This player described as a sum of parts of their characters' personalities by…

1. …

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