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-Looks like you've somehow stumbled across the **#​freeform** wiki! Visible exits are north, south, east and qux. 
-**#​freeform**'​s goals here are to try to provide a space that caters to free form in all its shapes. Including one off games, pick up games, and 1v1 classifieds. It's a work in progress, and we're still trying to hammer out all the details. 
-===== Classifieds ===== 
-Here's a list of players we know something about: 
-  * [[players:​Azhure]] 
-  * [[players:​Coldseeker]] 
-  * [[players:​pinkgothic|Dread]] 
-  * [[players:​Morgrim]] 
-  * [[players:​Piko]] 
-  * [[players:​Rehchoortahn]] 
-  * [[players:​Shyriath]] 
-  * [[players:​Slav]] 
-  * [[players:​tes]] 
-  * [[players:​Varian]] 
-(Steal the template from [[templates:​player|here]].) 
-===== Resources ===== 
-  * [[https://​​spreadsheets/​d/​1MJ1i4MCnKhkE8uooACR8_tM9Qivf6OHBhI0sKsagpPk/​edit#​gid=0&​fvid=611740287|Spreadsheet of games we know about]]\\ This includes those that people aren't actively running but would be willing to revive if interest in them accumulates,​ marked as "​undead"​. It's also woefully incomplete. Please help us with it! 
-  * [[https://​​6/​aspects-of-rp/​|Aspects of the Art of Roleplay]] for if you want to rate your roleplaying sub-skills. 
-===== Meta ===== 
-To get access to **this wiki** or **the spreadsheet**,​ provide Dread, Azhure, or Reh your email address via IRC. 
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