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-Looks like you've somehow stumbled across the **#freeform** wiki! Visible exits are north, south, east and qux. 
-**#freeform**'s goals here are to try to provide a space that caters to free form in all its shapes. Including one off games, pick up games, and 1v1 classifieds. It's a work in progress, and we're still trying to hammer out all the details. 
-===== Classifieds ===== 
-Here's a list of players we know something about: 
-  * [[players:Azhure]] 
-  * [[players:Coldseeker]] 
-  * [[players:pinkgothic|Dread]] 
-  * [[players:Morgrim]] 
-  * [[players:Rehchoortahn]] 
-  * [[players:Shyriath]] 
-  * [[players:Slav]] 
-  * [[players:tes]] 
-  * [[players:Varian]] 
-(Steal the template from [[templates:player|here]].) 
-===== Resources ===== 
-  * [[|Spreadsheet of games we know about]]\\ This includes those that people aren't actively running but would be willing to revive if interest in them accumulates, marked as "undead". It's also woefully incomplete. Please help us with it! 
-  * [[|Aspects of the Art of Roleplay]] for if you want to rate your roleplaying sub-skills. 
-===== Meta ===== 
-To get access to **this wiki** or **the spreadsheet**, provide Dread, Azhure, or Reh your email address via IRC. 
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