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The Basics

IRC moniker


Channels you hang out in

#freeform, #WoD-SF-OOC



Describe yourself briefly

I'm a general nerd. I love media and pop culture of almost all kinds. To keep myself from listing a novel's worth of faves, I'm going to go for the first ten things that come to mind: the MCU, Buffyverse, Bryan Fuller shows, Scott Pilgrim, Penny Dreadful, Wes Anderson, Chuck Palahniuk, revenge movies, Deadpool, and Andy Dwyer and April Ludgate as a couple.

Would you like GMs to advertise their roleplays to you?

Yes, please.

RP Interests

In order of interest:


* Vampire * God/Demigod * Faerie * Werewolf/Shifter * Comic Book/Superhero * Fantasy/Magical * Horror * Science Fiction


* Modern * Near Future/Alternate Timeline

I prefer not to play medieval/Renaissance/high fantasy style settings.

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